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Fractional Ownership

Shared and Leveraged Leasing

The best way to elevate your air travel with the most flexibility and best pricing of any shared and leveraged program you'll find.

Charter Fleet International has the perfect options for your private air travel plans that include a variety of programs for shared ownership. Our programs come with the same high quality service model that delivers unparalleled experiences and savings you expect from Charter Fleet International. Choose the program that suits your financial and travel needs best in preparation to raise your standards of air travel.

Shared Ownership

Partial ownership is the best way to heighten you air travel experience with the most flexibility and best pricing of any other program.

Leveraged Leasing

On the other hand, if you’re not ready for shared ownership of an aircraft, a Leveraged Lease is the option for you. Charter Fleet International provides several options to lease an interest in any of our jets without the long-term commitment and upfront acquisition costs.

Shared Ownership Leveraged Lease
Program Type Aircraft Ownership Low Initial Investment
Best For Aircraft Ownership No Shared Monthyl Cost
Citation 1
Citation 2
King Air BZ00
Hawker Air XP
Helicopter Agusta-109
No Peak Days